Thyme Essential Oil 5 ml



THYME (origanum syriacum)is a perennial herb. Grows to height of 1 meter. This plant is pollinated by bees and called za’ atar by association with its use in an herb- spice mixture.

Benefits and directions for use

  • Natural treatment to relieve sinus congestion and promote sinus drainage.
  • Natural antibiotic, you can mix 1 drop with water and drink
  • Thyme essential oil is one must have product for helping to keep your pace through this cold and flu season.
  • Thyme essential oil promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.
  • Thyme essential oil can improve skin conditions such as psoriasis,acne,eczema,and fungal infection.
  • You can mix thyme essential oil with food (meat,…)

Collection method: steam distillation

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