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The company was born from the desire to live a simpler and more sustainable life.

“When we started a family, we wanted products that were truly natural and free from chemicals and that didn’t harm the earth. So we made our own.”

Oils of Nature is a collection of organic products formulated by a team of husband and wife, Maroun and Noha Hajj.

It is a rich heritage, passed down from grandfather to father to son. Oils of Nature represents a history of more than a hundred years of Natural remedies from oils and plants.

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Thank you for this wonderful products, smell, texture and efficiency
rose collection are amazing

Mireille Hanna Instagram Customer

Highly recommend the eyelash and eyebrow serum
I use it since two weeks and the results are amazing
I’m in love with your products

Leahankache Instagram Customer

The best Beard Oil I have ever tried, it is fantastic with an amazing smell and for the first time I did not have any allergic reaction.

Chris23940 Instagram Customer
  • Mireille Hanna Instagram Customer
  • Leahankache Instagram Customer
  • Chris23940 Instagram Customer