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Rosemary Scalp and Roots Mist Booster 150 ml

Rosemary Scalp and Roots Mist Booster 150 ml

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Experience the power of rosemary scalp and roots mist booster spray's hair follicle stimulation.
Infused with the essence of hand-harvesed rosemary leaves, caffeine, nettle essential oil, this spray enhances blood circulation to your scalp awakening dormant follicles and promoting lush healthy hair growth. Elevate your hair care regimen with this natural solution that's designed to invigorate your roots.


1-Part your hair with a comb
2-Spray rosemary booster on your scalp a couple of times throughout the days
3-massage into your hair and scalp.


Rosemary hydrosol, rosemaary essential oil, nettle essential oil, vitamin B5, caffeine, aloe vera.

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